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Author Archives: Dexter K. Case

Oilfield Company Files for Bankruptcy in Delaware After $250 Million Default

Because of its flexible corporate laws and beneficial state corporate income tax, many companies choose to incorporate in the state of Delaware. Because these companies are incorporated in Delaware, they often will file for bankruptcy in the Delaware district court even though their primary place of business might be located in another state. One such… Read More »

Does Bankruptcy Help With Tax Debt?

Debts come in all forms from student loans to consumer debt, mortgage loans to medical bills, and even overwhelming tax debt. Many debtors find relief from debts by filing for bankruptcy, including either a full discharge of eligible debts or a plan to repay certain debts with the remainder being discharged. While bankruptcy provides relief… Read More »

School Loans Burden Students With Unmanageable Debt

When debt becomes overwhelming, the logical step for many people is to file for bankruptcy to get a handle on debt through reorganization or a fresh start through liquidation. While bankruptcy could be an appropriate option, care should be exercised as there are special rules that apply in bankruptcy to student loans. Unfortunately for students,… Read More »

Rebuilding Your Credit? Beware of Potential Scams!

Debt overwhelms consumers for all types of reasons such as unexpected bills, medical costs, job loss, loss of a wage earner or mortgage payments on an underwater home. When debt becomes too much to manage, offers of assistance by credit repair companies can seem like a much-needed solution. However, many companies take advantage of desperate… Read More »

Baseball Star And Real Housewife In Trouble for Bankruptcy Fraud

You might remember famous Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra, who pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and admitted to stealing or destroying furnishings, baseball memorabilia and other property from his $18.5 million-dollar mansion. He also admitted to giving false testimony about the property he removed. Dykstra was sentenced to six months in federal prison and ordered… Read More »

Co-Signers Beware!

If you co-signed a loan to help your child obtain an automobile or a credit card, it may surprise you to find out that, if your child files for bankruptcy, you are still on the hook for that debt. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, the creditor can still pursue payment from the non-bankrupt co-signer…. Read More »

Medical Debt Is A Leading Cause Of Bankruptcy

Medical debt accounts for over half of all bankruptcy filings. Most of the people who file for bankruptcy because of medical debt had private health insurance at the start of their illness. If you find yourself in this situation, it is not your fault — and bankruptcy may be your best option. If you have… Read More »

About Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 is a unique form of bankruptcy, in that it is available specifically as an option for family farms or fishery owners. In Pennsylvania, which has active farming and fishing communities throughout our state, this type of bankruptcy is a particularly relevant choice for saving businesses that may have been in families for generations…. Read More »

What You Need To Know About Debt Settlement

If you are facing overwhelming debt, you may be considering debt settlement. While this can be a viable alternative, it is important that you know exactly what debt settlement entails and beware of the risks involved. What it is and the potential consequences Debt settlement refers to negotiating with your creditors to repay less than… Read More »

How Long Will It Take My Credit To Recover After Bankruptcy?

Many individuals delay filing for bankruptcy out of fear it will destroy their credit rating, permanently blocking them from securing loans or buying a home. While a bankruptcy filing will remain on your credit reports for a few years, this does not mean you are barred from receiving credit from lenders. Nor does it mean… Read More »