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Author Archives: John A. DiGiamberardino

Does Filing For Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

The best way to avoid foreclosure when you are behind on a mortgage payment is to work out a new payment plan with your lender or refinance the loan as soon as possible. However, even when your lender finds your loan in default and begins foreclosure proceedings, there are options such as bankruptcy that can… Read More »

Transferring Property May Be Bankruptcy Fraud in Pennsylvania

Bankruptcy fraud is a serious allegation that can be made against even well-meaning but inexperienced debtors. One of the most common types of bankruptcy fraud is concealing assets to avoid having to forfeit them. During Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor must list all assets and any asset that is nonexempt is liquidated to pay off… Read More »

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Saves Pennsylvania Business

When the Marathon Grill restaurant at 1818 Market Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania fell behind on rent because of the 2008 recession, they were able to continue operations through a debt settlement agreement with their landlord. But when ownership changed, the new landlord failed to honor the agreement and threatened to take possession of the leased… Read More »

Watch What You Post On Social Media

Most of us are aware that social media sites are public and the updates and photos on them can sometimes be used against the person posting the information. Colleges check prospective students’ social media accounts before admitting the students. Employers check the Facebook accounts of job applicants. Couples check the social media accounts of their… Read More »

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Employment?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you might be concerned about how your filing will affect your future employment. Can your employer fire you because of the bankruptcy? Will your employer even find out? Will you ever get a job again? Rest assured that, while your bankruptcy may have some impact on your current… Read More »

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Exemptions

When going through a bankruptcy, be it a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the government allows you to keep certain assets so that, post-bankruptcy, you may move forward with your life without the need to replace basic necessities. The rules that allow you to do this are called exemptions and vary from state… Read More »

Talking To Your Kids About Bankruptcy

If you’re going through bankruptcy, you’re probably worried about the effect it will have on your family. You may wonder if you should sit down with your kids and talk about it and, if so, what you should say. Parents often don’t talk to their children about finances. They believe kids don’t need to know… Read More »

How Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect My Long-Term Savings Plans?

One of many considerations individuals have when filing for personal bankruptcy is how it might affect retirement and other long-term savings plans. No one wants to risk losing his or her pension, 401K or other resource intended to provide support throughout old age. Fortunately, the federal bankruptcy exemption protects these assets — and Pennsylvania law… Read More »

Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an intimidating prospect, without a doubt. Like many people who have reached this juncture, you may feel overwhelmed, wondering when you lost control of your finances and how you could have done things differently. You worry that your credit and reputation have been permanently damaged. Can you still get a loan to send… Read More »

What is the Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee?

One of the primary figures in bankruptcy proceedings is the trustee. But just who are these trustees and what purpose do they serve when it comes to bankruptcy? Trustees are selected as part of the United States Trustee Program, which is overseen by the Department of Justice. The DoJ administers 21 regional US Trustee Offices… Read More »