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Watch What You Post On Social Media

| Oct 22, 2013 | Bankruptcy

Most of us are aware that social media sites are public and the updates and photos on them can sometimes be used against the person posting the information. Colleges check prospective students’ social media accounts before admitting the students. Employers check the Facebook accounts of job applicants. Couples check the social media accounts of their significant others. If you are going through a bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee may check your accounts, too.

When you file for bankruptcy, you are required to disclose all your assets and not hold them back for your own use. The trustee may look at your social media accounts for any activity you failed to disclose in your bankruptcy filing or for evidence of fraud.

For example, you may have decided to take a vacation right before filing for bankruptcy, thinking the debt of the trip would be discharged in your bankruptcy and you would have received a free trip. Or, maybe you took money you should have been paying to creditors to reduce your debt and, instead, spent it on the vacation. Moreover, if you’re like most people, you post your vacation pictures to Facebook or Twitter so your friends and family can see the beautiful sights. When the trustee reviews your social media accounts, he could conclude that you intended to defraud your creditors by taking this vacation.

The trustee has the right to ask you about your vacation, and he can ask you who paid for the airfare and hotel. If you lie, you have now made matters worse by committing perjury.

Be aware that the Trustee can discover anything that you put on social media. Your Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys can counsel you on the bankruptcy reporting requirements and help guide you through the process.