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Bankruptcy represents a dramatic and positive step

| Jul 22, 2021 | Bankruptcy

Your decision to file for bankruptcy, ultimately, was a good one. Admittedly, you had some difficulty in pursuing this route, mainly because you feared judgment from others and thought that you let down your family. Please, do your best to put those thoughts out of your mind.

With bankruptcy, most of your debt is wiped away. That includes credit card debt, personal loans, utility bills along with the medical expenses that got you to this point in the first place. Bankruptcy represented a big step for you and promises a new beginning. With that in mind, try to remember that there is no stigma for improving your life.

No shame in pushing the restart button

Filing for bankruptcy leads to a fresh financial and personal start in life. Doing so means that you are prepared to accept the situation, take on the initial challenges that come with it and are ready to put this financial episode in your rearview mirror. Your recovery has begun.

Each year, many Americans are in the same position as you, looking for a financial turnaround that is achievable. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, more than 750,000 people filed for either Chapter 7 (461,897) or Chapter 13 (288,272) bankruptcy in 2018.

Now, that you have filed for bankruptcy, you can expect a great sense of relief. However, you must not forget that not only does this mean that you have taken charge in your life, but also that you must accept and take on change in your life, too.

You must reflect on the spending habits that got you here. Did your online shopping habits with a credit card in hand make the best of you? Did you purchase a vehicle that you really could not afford? Embrace change, which will allow you to rebuild your credit rating. And remember that there is no shame in filing for bankruptcy. You want a better life, and you will get it.