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Watch What You Post On Social Media

Most of us are aware that social media sites are public and the updates and photos on them can sometimes be used against the person posting the information. Colleges check prospective students’ social media accounts before admitting the students. Employers check the Facebook accounts of job applicants. Couples check the social media accounts of their… Read More »

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Employment?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you might be concerned about how your filing will affect your future employment. Can your employer fire you because of the bankruptcy? Will your employer even find out? Will you ever get a job again? Rest assured that, while your bankruptcy may have some impact on your current… Read More »

Creditor Harassment: What You Need To Know

Having debt and credit problems is stressful enough. However, when your creditors start harassing you with threats via phone calls and letters, you can reach a breaking point. It’s important to know your rights when a creditor is contacting you to collect and to take quick action to assert your rights. What should I say… Read More »

Baseball Star And Real Housewife In Trouble for Bankruptcy Fraud

You might remember famous Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra, who pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and admitted to stealing or destroying furnishings, baseball memorabilia and other property from his $18.5 million-dollar mansion. He also admitted to giving false testimony about the property he removed. Dykstra was sentenced to six months in federal prison and ordered… Read More »

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Exemptions

When going through a bankruptcy, be it a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the government allows you to keep certain assets so that, post-bankruptcy, you may move forward with your life without the need to replace basic necessities. The rules that allow you to do this are called exemptions and vary from state… Read More »

Debt Can Drag A Young Person Down

Young adults are deeply in debt and, by and large, it’s not their fault. The youth of today are facing unforgiving student loans and seemingly insurmountable credit card debt — all during a time of slow job growth. The main source of young adult debt is undoubtedly student loans.  The percentage of borrowers who default on… Read More »

Co-Signers Beware!

If you co-signed a loan to help your child obtain an automobile or a credit card, it may surprise you to find out that, if your child files for bankruptcy, you are still on the hook for that debt. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, the creditor can still pursue payment from the non-bankrupt co-signer…. Read More »

Talking To Your Kids About Bankruptcy

If you’re going through bankruptcy, you’re probably worried about the effect it will have on your family. You may wonder if you should sit down with your kids and talk about it and, if so, what you should say. Parents often don’t talk to their children about finances. They believe kids don’t need to know… Read More »

Don’t Fear The Meeting Of Creditors

If you filed for bankruptcy, you may be worried about a mandatory meeting called the meeting of creditors.  Some people are so afraid of this meeting that they delay filing bankruptcy because of it, lose sleep or make themselves sick over the prospect of the meeting. While you may envision a scene in which you… Read More »

Medical Debt Is A Leading Cause Of Bankruptcy

Medical debt accounts for over half of all bankruptcy filings. Most of the people who file for bankruptcy because of medical debt had private health insurance at the start of their illness. If you find yourself in this situation, it is not your fault — and bankruptcy may be your best option. If you have… Read More »