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Creditor harassment in PA

Creditor Harassment Attorneys In Lehigh Valley, Berks County & Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Are You Being Harassed By Creditors?

Our Pennsylvania lawyers have seen a growing problem with creditor harassment. Even if you are behind on your bills, you are still protected from illegal debt collection practices by federal law. If you think that a debt collector has used false or deceptive means while trying to collect your debt, you should contact our creditor harassment lawyers at Case & DiGiamberardino, P.C.

What Is The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents “debt collectors” from using deceptive or false methods while collecting debts. By law, a “debt collector” is not an employee of your creditor, but someone your creditor has hired to collect the debt.

What Is Prevented By The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

Under the Fair Debt Collection Act, debt collectors are restricted by legal guidelines, including the following:

  • Debt collectors can’t misrepresent the debt or ask to pay more money than you actually owe, including principal, interest or other fees.
  • Debt collectors can’t use profane or obscene language while talking to you.
  • There are limitations to how often and when a debt collector can call. They are prohibited from calling:
    • Repeatedly
    • Before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
    • On Sundays
  • A debt collector can’t call you at work after you have told them not to.
  • Debt collectors can’t make use of violence or other criminal measures to harm your reputation or property.
  • Debt collectors can’t threaten to sue you, seize your property, garnish your wages or damage your credit score if these means are not actually intended or available.
  • Debt collectors can’t talk about your debt to a third party without your prior permission, with the following limited exceptions:
    • The creditor or creditor’s attorney
    • Your attorney
    • Your spouse
  • A credit reporting agency
  • Your parents (if you are a minor)
  • A debt collector must send you a debt validation notice within 5 days of the initial communication. This notice must include the following information:
    • Debt amount
    • Name of the creditor
    • A statement declaring that the debt will be assumed as valid unless the debtor disputes the validity of the debt within 30 days.

If you have debts that you won’t ever be able to pay or can’t pay on time, our attorneys will explain how consumer bankruptcy may help.

Contact Our Pennsylvania Attorneys Today To Stop Creditor Harassment

If you and your family are being harassed by creditors or think it’s time to consider bankruptcy as an option for debt relief, our lawyers are ready to help you take the next step. Contact our experienced eastern Pennsylvania bankruptcy law firm today to discuss your case. Our three offices are conveniently located in Lancaster, Malvern and Wyomissing. Contact Case & DiGiamberardino, P.C., at 610-936-6650 or online.