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Determining Eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Understanding the Means Test

Bankruptcy is often the best solution to debt problems, but do you know what type of bankruptcy is right for you? For individuals as well as partnerships, corporations and other business entities, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide relief. Through Chapter 7, a bankruptcy trustee gathers and sells all the debtor’s nonexempt assets to pay off… Read More »

How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Consumer Debts in Pennsylvania

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a huge step in repairing credit and rebuilding your finances, but the process can prove daunting. Understanding the filing process makes bankruptcy less stressful and more successful. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process begins when a debtor files a petition with the bankruptcy court where he or she lives or… Read More »

Watch What You Post On Social Media

Most of us are aware that social media sites are public and the updates and photos on them can sometimes be used against the person posting the information. Colleges check prospective students’ social media accounts before admitting the students. Employers check the Facebook accounts of job applicants. Couples check the social media accounts of their… Read More »

What is the Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee?

One of the primary figures in bankruptcy proceedings is the trustee. But just who are these trustees and what purpose do they serve when it comes to bankruptcy? Trustees are selected as part of the United States Trustee Program, which is overseen by the Department of Justice. The DoJ administers 21 regional US Trustee Offices… Read More »