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What To Look For In A Bankruptcy Law Firm

Individuals And Businesses In Lehigh County, Lancaster County, And Berks County Need A Bankruptcy Law Firm With Exceptional Skills And Experience

The recent economic downturn forced many financially responsible individuals and businesses to turn to credit to provide short-term support. Due to the unexpected length of the slump and many other factors, these parties now face extensive financial concerns. For many, bankruptcy can provide a viable solution for a sound economic future. But they need the support of a law firm with specific qualities to ensure they pursue the right options as they navigate a maze of legal requirements and processes.

Qualities Of An Effective Bankruptcy Law Firm

The law firm of Case & DiGiamberardino, P.C., has the experience and skills needed from bankruptcy law firms to provide a full range of support to businesses and individuals facing financial challenges in Pennsylvania. We have the following essential qualities:

  • Extensive experience in consumer and business bankruptcy: A primary focus of our attorneys involves consumer and business bankruptcy. Our attorney profiles list important cases and publications and itemize the special certifications earned by our lawyers.
  • Detailed attention: To make sure our clients do not continue to face debt due to missing information at the time of filing, we work closely with them to help ensure they provide full information.
  • Business finance experience: We have the business acumen needed to handle the complexities involved in business accounting and practices.
  • Analysis: Bankruptcy may not be the right option for everyone who faces debt. We carefully analyze the nature of all outstanding debt to help ensure it qualifies for discharge in bankruptcy.
  • Local experience: Although federal law governs bankruptcy, Pennsylvania requirements and local court processes apply to certain important aspects of each case.

Contact Us For Experienced Bankruptcy Support In Southeastern Pennsylvania

If you or your business faces financial hardship, bankruptcy may provide the debt relief you need. But you need highly experienced attorneys to protect your rights and guide you through an exceptionally complex legal process. With almost three decades of experience helping individuals in Lancaster, Berks and Lehigh County through bankruptcy, the law firm of Case & DiGiamberardino, P.C., can review your circumstances and determine if bankruptcy is the right option. To arrange a consultation, contact us online, or call one of the following convenient locations: